Happy Tails

Another happy adoption story. Adorable little Sammy is obviously making himself at home and getting along well with his family.

Carl says, “He has been such a great kitten and a real joy in our lives. Thank you so much again!”

You are very welcome, Carl, and thank you for giving Sammy a loving forever home.


Vickie sent along a photo of her beautiful Stacia and had this to say:
Happy Birthday to our baby girl who is 1 year old today!  Thank you for nursing her when she was a baby and then allowing her to come to live with us.  She is loved by not only us, but her two brothers!  Thanks, Jean!
Isn’t she gorgeous?
Here are her two brothers:
We are so glad you are a happy family!


Meg, Ashten and Zach are enjoying their new furry family members! They sent us this photo and had this to say about Hocus and Pocus:
Just a note from Hocus and Pocus to say hello,and let you know that they're doing well :) They've had their...um...alterations and are happy and healthy. As you see in the photo they are still inseparable :)
They are without a doubt the sweetest kitties I've ever known, and smart too! Watched them yesterday for 2 solid hours playing their version of soccer ...and discovered that they have arrived at a set of rules for their game. It’s the darndest thing I've ever seen but they are so consistent, I can't think of what else it could be! If I can catch it on video I'll send it :)
Hope you are well - thanks again for the best boys ever :)


No, this post isn’t about Valentine’s Day but it is a love story. One between a family and their adopted kitty. Cupid was adopted just last week by Ashli and her family, and  he seems to be making himself right at home. Have a look at these photos and I think you will agree.
Look closely….there is a kitty in there.
There he is!
He looks quite pleased with himself, don’t you, think?
Making his way up, or down….
Doesn’t this remind you of the Dos Equis commercial? “I don’t always climb trees, but when I do, I climb all the way to the top”.
His brother, Comet, is still available for adoption, by the way! Here is his Petfinder Page - http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/21675426 , and here are some photos of this handsome boy:
Comet is a sweet, playful grey and tan tabby with white. He was rescued from the pound with his three siblings. Now he needs his "forever home". He would make the perfect addition to your family!


Formerly known as Mango and Tinkerbelle, they were born in July 2009, and adopted in October 2009 by Kristi. As you can see they are doing really well! They are so beautiful, and such good friends, too.
If you or someone you know needs a wonderful furry friend (or two), please let them know that we have kitties every bit as adorable and loving as these two just waiting for a family to love.


We received this email and photo and wanted to share it with you all. It is so heartwarming to hear that our adopted kitties are doing well and living happily with their new family.

Just wanted you to know that Sassy Stasia and Duncan (aka Maui) came through surgery on Monday with flying colors. Stasia was a bit hissy with everyone except Graham and I, so that was wonderful because she recognizes us as family now. Poor Duncan loves her so was confused as to why she would hiss at him, but he kept his distance. Duncan was as docile as always during and after the surgery. Anyway, the vet says the beige coloring mix on Stasia is very unusual and she is a fighter (haha) who did not want surgery. Don't blame her.

Will send photos again once they are a bit better. We are keeping them on some pain meds for 3 days (tomorrow is the last day) and keeping them quiet. Really they look great, but some rest will help them heal faster and they should be back to normal by the weeks end. Poor little Winston misses them terribly, but we just can risk him being near them because he plays very rough. I think Stasia treats him like her baby and he loves it, so now he is sticking to me like glue until she returns.
I am enclosing a photo my mother took at Christmas. My son is holding his cat who hates all other cats so is hissing during the photo. You can see all the other kittens are starring at her. We had a hard time trying to hold everyone which is why we were laughing. Left to Right: Grant and Stinky; Graham w/ Sassy Stasia and Duncan; Vickie w/Winston; and Devin w/Beasley (only 2 weeks older than Stasia, believe it or not). All the kittens got along well.

Hope all is well with you. Take care and I'll send more photos later............Vickie


Don't you just love a happy ending? Well, read on....

Meet Lexi. Her new owner, Lara, says "She is doing really well as you can see, and she likes to sleep on my legs on her back with her paws up." She seems perfectly content in her new home, isn't she adorable?

Next up we have Daphne. Sylvia says, "Daphne is the sweetest, most inquisitive little girl we have ever had, but she is fun and our other two rescue cats are getting use to having the new ball of energy in the house - they all are best buddies." Here she is with the boys- Duallie and Fatboy. (Daphne is the cute little calico in front).

Here we have Lacy and Lindy, two adorable cats adopted by a family last year. They are very loved and as you can see in this photo, very relaxed and happy.

Next is beautiful little Emma. She is is adapting well - loves exploring the house and drinking the dogs water!

Lucky and Lily were adopted in December and making themselves quite comfortable in their new home.

Look at these two beautiful kitties! Their new family says, "We adopted 2 cats from you last
summer.  Their names were Licorice and Skittles when you had them.  We call
them Boots and Tempie.  They have been great.  We wanted you to know that
they entertain us everyday and are very healthy and happy."

Jack and Sugar in their favorite spot, the window. Their owner says, "The cats are doing wonderful. Sugar is such a cuddler and Jack is quite the explorer. They play together practically all day and night."

It is so heartwarming to see all of these cats so happy and healthy and loved. We appreciate each and every one of our adopting families!