Our Wish List

As you know, we depend entirely on donations from animal lovers such as yourself. Our cats are all fostered by dedicated volunteers, and we do our very best to supply the food, litter, toys, and treats to the foster families. Below is a list of the things we always need.

Wish List:

Dry Cat Food - we prefer Purina 1 Chicken & Rice

Kitten Food - Purina 1

Kitty Litter - Arm & Hammer Scoopable or ProPet Fresh Results (corncobs)

Treats - any kind

Toys - small furry mice (some that squeak) crinkle balls, feathers on stick.

If you would like to donate something on our list, please contact Jean at 704-838-1571, or you can drop her an email at pawsandclawsnc@gmail.com.