Hope writes,

“Hi Jean!

I thought you'd enjoy some updated pictures of Sammy.  He is doing quite well.  He still believes my feet are the enemy that must be subdued.  He is helpful and tries to help with the dishwasher and loves to "help" fold laundry. 

Since he seems to love to climb, I will be looking to build him a cat tree.  I think he'll have lots of fun with that. 

All the best, 


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Stevie and Adam

Jane writes,

“Hello Jean,

Just wanted to show you how beautiful the boys are now that they are all grown up. I have taken so many pictures of them. One of my kitty discussion groups is using a picture of them on their home page, our boys are stars! Stevie is doing so well, he went to the vet a couple of times for his respiratory thing but he seems to be growing out of it and looks healthy and loves to play.

Adam is the perfect little gentleman and they both have learned to love the other cats and even seem to have formed some special relationships. Stevie is especially fond of our big gray girl Juliet and he adores our boxer Sam while Adam has formed a bond with our old cat Stinky.

But their greatest affection is still for each other and I love watching these two boys running all over the house and play wrestling. We just love them so much, they have brought life and light to our home.

The first picture was taken last week in my den. The second one is Stevie trying to play with Juliet. The third one was taken this morning and Adam is having a late morning rest. The last one is Stevie loving on our boxer Sam who adores him too.”