URGENT - Nugget Needs Your Help


I wouldn't give up Nugget if it wasn't for my health condition, but now I am forced to move back home with my parents because I am not medically capable of living by myself, as per my doctor. 

I have had Nugget since he was only 3 weeks old and the people we got him from told us he was 8 weeks and he was already in terrible condition as he was sick, covered in fleas, and malnourished. I cared for this kitty since he was a baby and he thinks of me as his mom. I would do anything for him, but now my health has declined and I have to finally face reality and accept that I may not be able to care for him.

He is a 3 and 1/2-year-old orange domestic tabby. He is a sweet, loving, heavy-set little boy that just wants to kiss on everyone and be loved by everyone. He is neutered and has his front paws declawed. All of his shots are up to date and his records can be obtained from Lakewood Veterinary in Mooresville. I will need to surrender immediately!!!! 


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