Adam and Stevie - another happy ending!

Adam and Stevie’s family writes:

“The boys are doing so good, they are running and playing, yesterday morning all four cats played, even my fat Juliet. I put their kitty condo together and they couldn't wait to play on it. They seem to be having fun exploring the house and having fun looking out our sliding glass doors at the birds. I love them so much, I love Adam who is a laid back boy who loves a cuddle and sleeps between my husband and me at night. I love little Stevie because he is the smallest and he is also the bravest, but he is very loving, too. I am sending these pictures so you can see that Adam is growing but little Stevie is growing, too. I am getting so many compliments about them on my Facebook page. I tell people where I got them from so I hope you get some new people coming in. “


They look very happy and healthy!

Hocus and Pocus had an adventure!

Meg recently sent this email and photo of adorable Hocus and Pocus:


Meg says,

“Just a little update on the boys: they've had a grand adventure this past week! We have moved to Indianapolis! They made the journey like pros- chilled in their carriers with nary a peep the entire way. They have enjoyed exploring our new home and are settling in nicely. As you can see they have grown up to be quite gorgeous fellows (yes I'm biased but everyone else seems to agree too)! They are still never far from one another, and their kittenish antics are EPIC - however they are nearly impossible to scold, as they are the sweetest, most loving, affectionate kitties to ever wear fur :) They are much loved, and we are so happy that they are part of our family.
Hope this note finds you well and brings a smile :)”

Thanks, Meg! We are glad to know they are happy and settling into their new home in Indianapolis.

Volunteers Needed

Dear Friends of Paws & Claws Feline Rescue:

We are coming to the close of our fifth year in cat rescue and have been successful in rescuing and finding loving homes for over 500 cats and kittens.  We have three locations for adoptions including PetSmart and Cole's Cat & Dog Rescue in Statesville and Petco in Mooresville.

If we are to continue this wonderful work, we must have volunteers to help! Please find it in your heart to volunteer just one hour a week to help save the homeless cats and kittens so they will not be taken to animal control and euthanized!

We need cage cleaners in both PetSmart & Petco, as well as help on adoption Saturdays.  Please e-mail or call me today and volunteer so that Paws & Claws Feline Rescue may continue to save cats and kittens for the next five years!  It is important fulfilling work and the satisfaction of saving a life is so worthwhile!

Thank you for volunteering,
Jean Keiser, Director

You can also find us on Facebook -

Adoption Days:

PetSmart, Statesville - Noon to 5 pm the second and fourth Saturdays of each month

Petco, Mooresville - Noon to 4 pm on the first and third Saturdays of each month