Adam and Stevie, and an important article for your pet’s health

Jane writes:

The boys are doing wonderfully well, little Stevie is so robust and healthy now that he can outplay Adam. They are such happy, loving, little fellas. They are my little muses and my story titled Doption written from Stevie's point of view is going to be in an anthology of pet adoption stories. They author Fiona Ingram told me it will be an E Book but also a print book. There will be pictures of the boys too.

The best news of all, my husband has stopped smoking cigarettes and has switched to E-cigs which have no second hand smoke. I'd like to credit the boys for that but it's because of our little grandson Calvin who was born in May, my daughter told her dad that he is not allowed to smoke around the grandchildren. I cannot tell you how nice it is to not have a house that smells like an ash tray. When you look at the picture of the boys you'll notice that Stevie is almost as big as Adam now. He really picked up in height and length. Adam is on the outside, he always cradles his brother as though he still feels the need to be protective. I love them both so much.


Here is a link to the article about how secondhand smoke affects your pets: