Please Help Tara!


Meet Tara, a sweet, loving six-month old kitten who needs an eye operation. Last March a litter of four kittens were found in a shed after their mother had been killed by a car. One was already dead, the other three had very bad upper respiratory infections and we suspect Calicivirus, as sadly, Tara was the only one who survived.

Tara’s third eyelid had adhered to her cornea and when we had her spayed, it was loosened, however, it reattached upon healing. We took her to an eye specialist, Dr. Segal, at Carolina Veterinarian Specialty in Winston-Salem, and she said it could again be loosened, at which time they would put a contact lens in the eye so it will not reattach.

The cost for this operation is $600.00 and we were hoping some of our friends of Paws & Claws Feline Rescue may be needing a tax deduction at the end of the year and could donate to Tara so that she could have the operation.

Tara also needs her “Forever Home” if anyone has a place in their heart and home – she loves our collie dog and sleeps with her. Tara also gets along well with all the other cats and kittens.

Thank you to everyone who has generously donated, adopted, or volunteered this year to help us save almost one hundred cats and kittens. We couldn’t do it without you
Thank you!
Jean Keiser, Director

Paws & Claws Feline Rescue is a registered charity and any donations are tax deductible.

Please send donations to:
Paws & Claws Feline Rescue
P.O. Box 5221
Statesville, NC 28677

Or you can donate via PayPal right here - just look for the button on the right side.

A Little Help from Our Friends

We need your help. As we mentioned in a previous post, we will be at the Statesville PetSmart the first 3 weekends in December for photos with Santa and we need some fellow animal lovers to help us out. We anticipate a lot of participation and could use some extra hands.

If you are interested in helping please email Jean as soon as possible -

Also, we are badly in need of cage cleaners and would greatly appreciate if someone could help by cleaning the cages one day a week, morning or afternoon/evening.  It's really fun to interact with all the cats and kittens and not really very hard work at all.

Update on Sissy and Photos with Santa

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kathy sent us an update on Sissy ( Isis ) – she said that she is doing wonderful and everything went great with her check-up.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Thank you, Kathy, for giving Sissy such a loving forever home.


We also want to let you know that we will be at PetSmart in Statesville the first three Saturdays in December and we will be taking pictures with Santa. Photos are only $9.95 and the profits benefit Paws & Claws, so bring your fur babies to see Santa, and we would appreciate it if you would spread the word.

We will also be at Petco in Mooresville the 1st and 3rd Saturdays in December. We have lots of kitten for adoption – why not adopt a kitten (or 2) for Christmas? They would be so adorable under the tree and they would really appreciate having a warm, loving forever home.

Happy News

Kathy adopted Sissy (formerly known as Isis) and sent along this note and some photos to let us know how she was doing.

“Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Sissy (Isis). She is adjusting wonderfully, I have been surprised at how well she is getting along with the dogs. As long as they respect her space and approach calmly she will let them sniff her & her them. She is still exploring and adjusting to the house but I know we made the right choice with her. I already had to make an album for her on Facebook to share pictures with family & friends.”


Isn’t she beautiful?

In other news, we have had almost forty cats and kittens adopted since Aug. 1st!  We will be at PetSmart in Statesville and Petco in Mooresville Nov. 3rd and 17th.

We will be taking "Pictures with Santa" the first three Saturdays in December 11 am - 4 pm!  Come get your pet's picture taken with Santa!!

Lucky and Lily

Lucky and Lily are Leo’s siblings and they are happy in their forever home now. Leo was adopted by another family and is doing well. So are Lucky and Lily, as you can clearly see:


We have more adorable kitties waiting for the forever homes at PetSmart in Statesville, so stop by and adopt on (or more!) soon.

PetSmart National Adoption Weekend


Paws & Claws will be at the Statesville PetSmart on Saturday, September 15 from noon – 5pm and also on Saturday, September 29 from noon-5pm.

Paws & Claws will receive $35 in adoption-reward grants from PetSmart Charities for every pet adopted in stores during this event.

Paw & Claws is one of the more than 2,000 local animal welfare organizations that will be participating in National Adoption Weekend.

Animal-welfare organizations in all 1,210 PetSmart stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico will participate in the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend.

In addition to the PetSmart store in Statesville, you can also visit the PetSmart Charities’ adoption centers inside any PetSmart store in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico.

If you’ve been thinking about adoption, consider saving the life of a cat or dog during the National Adoption Weekend event.

PetSmart Charities has helped nearly 5 million pets find homes through their in-store adoption program since 1994.

Another Happy Ending

Penny and Celia were adopted by Wendy and her husband and, as you will see, they are adorable little furbabies and very happy.

Wendy says, “Penny (yellow tabby), is now known as Marilyn, and Celia (calico) is now known as June-bug. They are such good friends with each other, I couldn't ask for better. My husband and I are honestly in love with these sweet fur-babies. :) Thank y'all for taking care of these sweet girls until my hubby and I could find them.


Marilyn after a long day…


Beautiful Stacia

Vickie sent along a photo of her beautiful Stacia and had this to say:

Happy Birthday to our baby girl who is 1 year old today!  Thank you for nursing her when she was a baby and then allowing her to come to live with us.  She is loved by not only us, but her two brothers!  Thanks, Jean!

Isn’t she gorgeous?


Here are her two brothers:


We are so glad you are a happy family!

Good News!

Grand Opening of the new Statesville Pet Smart!  It's on Rt. 21 off I 40 in Statesville (Walmart area) beside the Home Depot, across from Lowes.

The opening is this Saturday, August 4  - 9 am to 9 pm.  We will be having adoption hours noon to 5 pm.  Of course, our cats and kittens are in the cages there 24/7.

                                                        Come out and see us!

                                                        Paws & Claws Feline Rescue

A Little More Hocus Pocus

Meg, Ashten and Zach are enjoying their new furry family members! They sent us this photo and had this to say about Hocus and Pocus:

Just a note from Hocus and Pocus to say hello,and let you know that they're doing well :) They've had and are happy and healthy. As you see in the photo they are still inseparable :)

They are without a doubt the sweetest kitties I've ever known, and smart too! Watched them yesterday for 2 solid hours playing their version of soccer ...and discovered that they have arrived at a set of rules for their game. It’s the darndest thing I've ever seen but they are so consistent, I can't think of what else it could be! If I can catch it on video I'll send it :)

Hope you are well - thanks again for the best boys ever :)


Good News!

Dear Friends of Paws & Claws,

Paws & Claws Feline Rescue will soon be showing our cats and kittens at the new PetSmart in Statesville. Hopefully we will be able to adopt more cats and kittens so we can save more lives! Please stop in to see us - the grand opening will be the first week of August. The beautiful new PetSmart is located on Rt. 21 (take I77 North to I40 West - it's the first exit (Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel, etc.) on the right between Ruby Tuesdays and Home Depot.

2012 has been a tough year so far for Paws & Claws - we have only had twenty-eight adoptions in six months, which is our worst ever!! We have over thirty cats and kittens in the program to feed and vet. Hopefully, with a new venue, we will do much better the second half of the year. Don't forget, we also have our cats in Cole's Cat & Dog Rescue in downtown Statesville (120 Broad Street). There is a great new gift shop in the front which has beautiful things!

One of our problems is that we have unadoptable cats which we need to find homes for to open space for adoptable ones. If anyone knows someone who has a farm, or would take indoor/outdoor cats, please let us know. They do need to feed and care for them, however.

Paws & Claws unfortunately took in young kittens last spring who were very sick. The vet thinks they had Calici virus which is very contagious with a 65% mortality rate. Of eleven kittens, we lost five and still have two who are special need kittens - Tara, who has an eye problem, and Tango who is not thriving (see the photos below). Our vet bills were very high trying to save the kittens and we have been able to adopt only four of them.

We want to thank everyone who has generously donated to Paws & Claws Feline Rescue and hope you can send us another donation this year to help us save more of the hundreds of cats and kittens out there who are sick and dying. Your donation is tax deductible and you can use Paypal right over there on the right sidebar, or send to P. O. Box 5221, Statesville, NC 28687. Please visit us on Facebook also.

Thank you again for your continued support and we hope to see you at the new PetSmart in Statesville.
                                                                All the Cats & Kittens
                                                                Paws & Claws Feline Rescue

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Thank you, Amy!

Amy Blew initiated a fund raiser for Paws & Claws Feline Rescue and Forever Home Canine Rescue at Lake Norman High School, Keywannettes Club.

They collected cat and dog food and supplies which they donated to help the homeless pets.  Amy also makes the pet blankets shown in the picture which we sell.  If you're interested in buying a blanket, let us know.

Kudos to Amy and the donors!  We really appreciate all their help.

Amy and her wonderful family have been faithful, dedicated volunteers for Paws & Claws Feline Rescue for three years and we love them dearly.

06.21.12 004

A Little Hocus Pocus...and update

Meg wanted to share this photo of Hocus and Pocus and let you know that the boys are doing great, growing like crazy, and just as sweet as ever :) Here is a pic in their new favorite napping spot. As you see, they are inseparable (although they do welcome the dog into the mix when they're feeling generous).

A Little Hocus Pocus

No, we know it’s not Halloween yet, but we do have 2 adorable adopted kitties, named Hocus and Pocus, to show you. Meg sent us some photos of them to let us know how well they are getting on. Apparently they are bonding very well with their Chihuahua, Mojo, too!

Here’s Hocus, having a nap with his new best friend, Mojo. Dogs make good pillows, apparently:


And Pocus, posing for the camera:


Their new family, Meg, Ashten, and Zach love them to bits and is shows. Thank you for sharing these photos with us all, it’s so heartwarming to know that they are loved and cared for.

Charlotte Pet Expo

We will be at the Charlotte Pet Expo on May 12, 10am – 6pm, with cats and kittens looking for forever homes.

Here is just a little info about the event, click the link for more information. It looks like it is going to be a fun day, so mark your calendars!

  • Tons of Exhibitors
  • Fabulous Prize Giveaways & Fun for both the Two-Legged AND Four-Legged
  • Adopt! Dozens of Rescue Groups and a Mega-Adoption Event
  • Discounted Vaccinations, Microchipping and Heartworm & Flea Preventatives
  • Free Nail Trims
  • Agility Demonstrations
  • Live Entertainment, Obedience Demonstrations, Author Readings/Book Signings
  • The Latest & Greatest Pet Products
  • Learn About Pet Care, Volunteerism, Grooming, Pet Behavior & Training, Traveling with your Pet, How YOU Can Make a Difference, Different Types of Pets/Breeds, Veterinarian FAQ, Fun Activities for You & Your Pet

We hope to see you there!!

Lots of Kittens and a Raffle

We are going to be at Petco in Mooresville this Saturday, April 28 and next Saturday, May 5. We will have lots of kittens, and we are also selling raffle tickets for some great prizes:

  • Bissell Sweeper
  • Basket of Cat Goodies
  • Hair Cut by Tamera at Elements Studio
  • $50.00 decorated cake by Allison Green of Creative Cakes
  • Star Wars Game for XBOX 360

The drawing will be at the Charlotte Pet Expo on May 12th.

Zena Desperately Needs Your Help!

She is a one year old, very sweet kitty - her sister Zoey was just adopted.  She somehow swallowed a long thread and it wrapped around her tongue.  It is now stuck in her intestines and she will need an operation, which costs about $1,500.  She is currently at Animal Hospital of Statesville. If you or someone you know can help please contact Jean at as soon as possible. Thank you!! 


No, this post isn’t about Valentine’s Day but it is a love story. One between a family and their adopted kitty. Cupid was adopted just last week by Ashli and her family, and  he seems to be making himself right at home. Have a look at these photos and I think you will agree.

Look closely….there is a kitty in there.


There he is!


He looks quite pleased with himself, don’t you, think?


Making his way up, or down….


Doesn’t this remind you of the Dos Equis commercial? “I don’t always climb trees, but when I do, I climb all the way to the top”.


His brother, Comet, is still available for adoption, by the way! Here is his Petfinder Page - , and here are some photos of this handsome boy:


Comet is a sweet, playful grey and tan tabby with white. He was rescued from the pound with his three siblings. Now he needs his "forever home". He would make the perfect addition to your family!

Another Happy Tails Story

We received this email and photo and wanted to share it with you all. It is so heartwarming to hear that our adopted kitties are doing well and living happily with their new family.

Just wanted you to know that Sassy Stasia and Duncan (aka Maui) came through surgery on Monday with flying colors.  Stasia was a bit hissy with everyone except Graham and I, so that was wonderful because she recognizes us as family now.  Poor Duncan loves her so was confused as to why she would hiss at him, but he kept his distance.  Duncan was as docile as always during and after the surgery.  Anyway, the vet says the beige coloring mix on Stasia is very unusual and she is a fighter (haha) who did not want surgery.  Don't blame her.

Will send photos again once they are a bit better.  We are keeping them on some pain meds for 3 days (tomorrow is the last day) and keeping them quiet.  Really they look great, but some rest will help them heal faster and they should be back to normal by the weeks end.  Poor little Winston misses them terribly, but we just can risk him being near them because he plays very rough.  I think Stasia treats him like her baby and he loves it, so now he is sticking to me like glue until she returns. 

I am enclosing a photo my mother took at Christmas.  My son is holding his cat who hates all other cats so is hissing during the photo.  You can see all the other kittens are starring at her.  We had a hard time trying to hold everyone which is why we were laughing.  Left to Right:  Grant and Stinky; Graham w/ Sassy Stasia and Duncan; Vickie w/Winston; and Devin w/Beasley (only 2 weeks older than Stasia, believe it or not).   All the kittens got along well.

Hope all is well with you.  Take care and I'll send more photos later............Vickie


Dobby and Luna - Happy Tails

Formerly known as Mango and Tinkerbelle, they were born in July 2009, and adopted in October 2009 by Kristi. As you can see they are doing really well! They are so beautiful, and such good friends, too.


If you or someone you know needs a wonderful furry friend (or two), please let them know that we have kitties every bit as adorable and loving as these two just waiting for a family to love.