A Little More Hocus Pocus

Meg, Ashten and Zach are enjoying their new furry family members! They sent us this photo and had this to say about Hocus and Pocus:

Just a note from Hocus and Pocus to say hello,and let you know that they're doing well :) They've had their...um...alterations and are happy and healthy. As you see in the photo they are still inseparable :)

They are without a doubt the sweetest kitties I've ever known, and smart too! Watched them yesterday for 2 solid hours playing their version of soccer ...and discovered that they have arrived at a set of rules for their game. It’s the darndest thing I've ever seen but they are so consistent, I can't think of what else it could be! If I can catch it on video I'll send it :)

Hope you are well - thanks again for the best boys ever :)


Good News!

Dear Friends of Paws & Claws,

Paws & Claws Feline Rescue will soon be showing our cats and kittens at the new PetSmart in Statesville. Hopefully we will be able to adopt more cats and kittens so we can save more lives! Please stop in to see us - the grand opening will be the first week of August. The beautiful new PetSmart is located on Rt. 21 (take I77 North to I40 West - it's the first exit (Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel, etc.) on the right between Ruby Tuesdays and Home Depot.

2012 has been a tough year so far for Paws & Claws - we have only had twenty-eight adoptions in six months, which is our worst ever!! We have over thirty cats and kittens in the program to feed and vet. Hopefully, with a new venue, we will do much better the second half of the year. Don't forget, we also have our cats in Cole's Cat & Dog Rescue in downtown Statesville (120 Broad Street). There is a great new gift shop in the front which has beautiful things!

One of our problems is that we have unadoptable cats which we need to find homes for to open space for adoptable ones. If anyone knows someone who has a farm, or would take indoor/outdoor cats, please let us know. They do need to feed and care for them, however.

Paws & Claws unfortunately took in young kittens last spring who were very sick. The vet thinks they had Calici virus which is very contagious with a 65% mortality rate. Of eleven kittens, we lost five and still have two who are special need kittens - Tara, who has an eye problem, and Tango who is not thriving (see the photos below). Our vet bills were very high trying to save the kittens and we have been able to adopt only four of them.

We want to thank everyone who has generously donated to Paws & Claws Feline Rescue and hope you can send us another donation this year to help us save more of the hundreds of cats and kittens out there who are sick and dying. Your donation is tax deductible and you can use Paypal right over there on the right sidebar, or send to P. O. Box 5221, Statesville, NC 28687. Please visit us on Facebook also.

Thank you again for your continued support and we hope to see you at the new PetSmart in Statesville.
                                                                All the Cats & Kittens
                                                                Paws & Claws Feline Rescue

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Thank you, Amy!

Amy Blew initiated a fund raiser for Paws & Claws Feline Rescue and Forever Home Canine Rescue at Lake Norman High School, Keywannettes Club.

They collected cat and dog food and supplies which they donated to help the homeless pets.  Amy also makes the pet blankets shown in the picture which we sell.  If you're interested in buying a blanket, let us know.

Kudos to Amy and the donors!  We really appreciate all their help.

Amy and her wonderful family have been faithful, dedicated volunteers for Paws & Claws Feline Rescue for three years and we love them dearly.

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