Beautiful Miss Kloe

Sarah writes:

Jean -
I just wanted to send you a picture update of Kloe (Miss Marple). She is such a lovely kitty—so friendly and fun! She has a very sweet and quiet meow when she wants something, loves to get pets all over her body! And she is currently good at running after foil balls—she even brings them back for me to throw again...sometimes :) 

She and Wimsey get along great. They play and clean each other a lot. I've attached a picture of them in one of their favorite places—on the trundle bed in my studio in front of the window.

I hope you're well, Jean. Have a Merry Christmas! (I'm wondering how these kitties are going to do with a tree...guess we're about to find out!)

(here's what Kloe looked like when we first got her—such a cutie!)