A Little More Hocus Pocus

Meg, Ashten and Zach are enjoying their new furry family members! They sent us this photo and had this to say about Hocus and Pocus:

Just a note from Hocus and Pocus to say hello,and let you know that they're doing well :) They've had their...um...alterations and are happy and healthy. As you see in the photo they are still inseparable :)

They are without a doubt the sweetest kitties I've ever known, and smart too! Watched them yesterday for 2 solid hours playing their version of soccer ...and discovered that they have arrived at a set of rules for their game. It’s the darndest thing I've ever seen but they are so consistent, I can't think of what else it could be! If I can catch it on video I'll send it :)

Hope you are well - thanks again for the best boys ever :)