Hocus and Pocus had an adventure!

Meg recently sent this email and photo of adorable Hocus and Pocus:


Meg says,

“Just a little update on the boys: they've had a grand adventure this past week! We have moved to Indianapolis! They made the journey like pros- chilled in their carriers with nary a peep the entire way. They have enjoyed exploring our new home and are settling in nicely. As you can see they have grown up to be quite gorgeous fellows (yes I'm biased but everyone else seems to agree too)! They are still never far from one another, and their kittenish antics are EPIC - however they are nearly impossible to scold, as they are the sweetest, most loving, affectionate kitties to ever wear fur :) They are much loved, and we are so happy that they are part of our family.
Hope this note finds you well and brings a smile :)”

Thanks, Meg! We are glad to know they are happy and settling into their new home in Indianapolis.