Adam and Stevie - another happy ending!

Adam and Stevie’s family writes:

“The boys are doing so good, they are running and playing, yesterday morning all four cats played, even my fat Juliet. I put their kitty condo together and they couldn't wait to play on it. They seem to be having fun exploring the house and having fun looking out our sliding glass doors at the birds. I love them so much, I love Adam who is a laid back boy who loves a cuddle and sleeps between my husband and me at night. I love little Stevie because he is the smallest and he is also the bravest, but he is very loving, too. I am sending these pictures so you can see that Adam is growing but little Stevie is growing, too. I am getting so many compliments about them on my Facebook page. I tell people where I got them from so I hope you get some new people coming in. “


They look very happy and healthy!